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This tutorial will help you to transfer your domain name to FranceDNS.

A transfer is a re-delegation of the domain name from a registrar to another one. At the end of the transfer FranceDNS becomes your domain name new registrar. Thus, you will benefit from its technical expertise and from the free services we are proposing you. .

According the domain name extension :

- Variation of the transfer duration vary.

- Requested informations are different.

- Validation process will differ.

In addition, each domain name is in a particular state and has its own expiration dates. The transfer is indeed a specific operation which depends on the extension.

Generally :

  • The transfer must be confirmed by the domain name owner

Check that the owner address is yours by doing a Whois search. If it is actually disabled or unused, you will have to change it with your former registrar. If the email registered is the registrar's one, he's going to be the one to confirm the transfer.

  • The domain name should be in a transferable state, ie non-expired, not blocked out by the registrar. It may possibly remain in a quarantine state.

Fleche.gif Initiate a transfer Domain Name

You should visit our website and go on the transfer dedicated page


1. Register your domain name in the dedicated box.

2. Click on 'Transfer'

3. Step 1: Services choice

You may choose an additonal service such as a hosting service

Click 'Next'

4. Step 2: Additional Informations

5. Step 3: Identification

If you already have an account at FranceDNS, please identify yourself to link this order to your account.

If this is your first order, please fill out the form and click on 'Next'

6. An Order is created.

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