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This tutorial will help you to consult your orders.

Log on Your Account section "Orders" >> "List of orders". Only purchase unrealized unresolved orders are displayed.

This list of your orders, created manually or automatically by FranceDNS for your services renewal, is displayed, sorted by descending date. Only unpayed orders appears.


Fleche.gif View a document

1. Click on Cart.png

2. The document opens in Acrobat Reader in a new window

3. It can then be printed or saved on your hard drive disk.

Warning.gif You need the plugin Acrobat Reader to view documents in PDF format

Download Adobe Reader

Fleche.gif Delete Order

1. Delete the order by checking corresponding checkbox

2. Confirm Delete by clicking Nav del.gif at the bottom of the page

3. The command is removed from the list (not recovered)

Fleche.gif Order

1. Choose the order you want to checkout

2. Click on Cart.png

3. The order is opened in a new window

Warning.gif Be careful! Ensure the new window is not blocked by an anti pop-up of your web browser.
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