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== Get started ==
== Get started ==
[[Get WHMCS]]
[http://www.whmcs.com/members/aff.php?aff=4476 Get WHMCS]
[[Get FranceDNS Registrar module]]
[[Get FranceDNS Registrar module]]

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WHMCS is a turnkey solution to manage customers, billing and support, primarily designed for hosting service providers, but it is applicable to many other types of online businesses

With many features, this solution is both easy to use and customizable (technically and graphically)

With our module, you can integrate our domain name service in the application and resell all our extensions without developing on your end.

[edit] Get started


Get FranceDNS Registrar module

Install FranceDNS Registrar Module

Registrar module Settings

[edit] To go further

Customize actions after domain registrations and transfers

Accept pre-orders for new extensions

Improve domain availability checkes and premium management

WHMCS and FranceDNS

WHMCS Troubleshooting

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