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Fleche.gif Registrar settings

You need to setup your access to our API into the WHMCS's admin control panel, section "Setup" > "Products / services" > "Domain registrars". You will see FranceDNS into the list.

Whmcs install registrar 1.gif

Click onto "Activate" and configure the module by providing your credential and the API

Whmcs install registrar 2.gif

For a use in production

Enter the handle and the password defined into the production system

Enter the direct URL to the latest WSDL of the API


For a use in tryout

Enter the handle and the password defined into the tryout system

Enter the direct URL to the latest WSDL of the API



- The credentials and the url for both systems are different

- Ensure that you are using the latest WSDL from API

Fleche.gif Other Settings

You can define general settings for domain name management into "Setup" > "General settings" > "Domains"

Default Nameservers

Nameservers defined here will be shown by default for every domain names.

If you only use FranceDNS module for your domain names, and if you want to use our DNS name servers to benefit from our free included services with domain names, you cant set ns1.francedns.com, ns2.francedns.com, ns3.francedns.com

Contacts management

A domain name has an administrative contact, a technical contact and a billing contact.

If "Use Clients Details" is selected, then we will use client's details for creating these contact. Then your client will be defined by default for them at the registry and disclosed into Whois data.

If unchecked, the module will use your reseller handle for creating these contacts. Please note that "Default Billing/Admin/Tech Contact Details" are not used by our module.

Fleche.gif Domain settings

In section "Setup" > "Products / services" > "Domain pricing", you define all TLDs you want to sell

You will need to select "FranceDNS" for each extension you want to register with us as follows.

Whmcs install tld 1.gif



See Selling Price

DNS Management

This feature allows the client to manage their DNS settings. They can update DNS records as well as define a web forwarding. As part of this module, you can use our services free of charge:



Additional Information 
Available for all extensions
Domain names must use our DNS name servers

Email forwarding

This feature allows the client to create email addresses redirected to the address of their choice: http://en.dev.francedns.com/domain/email-addresses.html

 Additional Information 
 Available for all extensions
 Domain names must use our DNS name servers

ID protection

Our module does not manage this feature, leave unchecked.

Additional Information 
FranceDNS does not manage this service

EPP code

This feature must be checked if the TLD supports the EPP transfer code which is needed for transferring it between registrars.

Additional Information 
All extensions do not have EPP code, see Category:Tld

Automated Registration

Select from the list of activated registrars, which one will be used by default when registering a domain name in this extension

Additional Information 
If you choose FranceDNS, do not forget to set Additional fields, see "Additional fields"

Selling price

For each extension, click on "Open Pricing" to define your selling price.

Whmcs install tld 2.gif

Additional Information 
Registration and Renewal period may vary following the selected extension.
Transfer-in can be free for some extensions.

Fleche.gif Additional fields

You can register and manage all extensions provided by FranceDNS. However some of them require additional fields.

These will be displayed in the order phase and in the administration area of the domain name.

To facilitate integration into the software, we provide a php file to be included.

Step 1: Additional fields translation

You need to redefine languages files before updating them. Indeed, if you modify WHMCS ones, those would be overwritten during WHMCS updates.

If you don't have overrided these language files,

Copy the files english.txt and french.txt into the directory /path_to_whmcs/lang/overrides
Rename the file extension to .php


append the files english.txt and french.txt to your own files in the directory /path_to_whmcs/lang/overrides/

Feel free to modify the translation depending on your needs ! You can also translate them into another language.

Step 2: Add the fields to WHMCS

By default, WHMCS defines a list of additionnal fields for the built-in registrar modules. However, you need to specify WHMCS FranceDNS's ones.

Edit the file /whmcs_directory/includes/additionaldomainfields.php
Append the following lines at the end of the file
// FranceDNS additionnal fields


Our additionnal domain fields will override all the default ones defined into WHMCS for the same extensions. If you want to use another registrar's module for a common extension, you need to disable our fields:

Edit the file /whmcs_directory/modules/francedns/config.inc.php
Set "False" in the corresponding extension
Example: to disable .CA, "define("CA",false);"

Fleche.gif Specific Settings

Specific parameters below are used to define the behavior of the module for certain actions

 Edit the file  /whmcs_directory/modules/francedns/config.inc.php

ToDo List Management

Our module can add an entry in this list for each failed operation. You can enable or disable with variable

Domain name Registration

$francedns_report_domainCreate_error_in_todolist (true/false)

Domain name Renewal

$francedns_report_domainRenew_error_in_todolist (true/false)

Domain name TransferIn

$francedns_report_domainTransfer_error_in_todolist (true/false)

Admin notes notifications Management

Each domain has notes managed by the administrator. This field is visible in the administrator section on the details of a domain name. Our module can use this field to notify you of the result of operations. You can enable or disable with variable

Domain name Registration

$francedns_report_domainCreate_in_adminnotes (true/false)

Domain name Renewal

$francedns_report_domainRenew_in_adminnotes (true/false)

Domain name TransferIn

$francedns_report_domainTransfer_in_adminnotes (true/false)

Local presence service management

Following extensions, restrictions may be applied on the location of the administrative contact.

This service can be free or paid

When ordering a domain name (registration or transfer), the administrative contact is defined according to general settings and he can suit or not the conditions of the domain name's extension

Case if the service is free

The variable $francedns_force_use_free_localcontactservice force or not using this service.
It is free, there is no impact on the customer billing.

Case if the service is charged

If the extension requires a local presence for the administrative contact and if the contact's country is in the table $localcontactcountries, the service will not be used.

Otherwise, the variable $francedns_force_use_paid_localcontactservice force or not using this service. Your reseller account will be charged for the service in addition to transaction costs. You must therefore take into account the price of the service in your public price when activated.

Domain name Restoration management

For some extensions, it is possible to restore a domain after its removal. But this notion of restoration is not supported by the application.

The variable $francedns_force_restore_during_renewal force or not the restoration of the domain name if possible
Warning, the price of restoration may be much higher than a simple renewal.

Fleche.gif Widgets Activation

Access to Widgets is defined on a per admin role group basis.

In order to activate our widgets, go to Setup > Administrator Roles and then click the edit icon next to the admin role group you want to change.

Once on the permissions page, simply scroll down to the section labelled Widgets and from there you'll be able to enable/disable the Widgets accessible to that group by checking or unchecking the boxes. Our widgets are

FranceDNS registrar account
Pending operations at FranceDNS registrar

Then go back to admin summary and will see them

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