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Depending on your needs, all operations do not necessarily need to be automated. This is particularly the case of very complex or relatively rare operations such as ownership changes for domain names. You decide the level of automation depending on your volume and your technical ability to implement functions.

Fleche.gif Conditions of access

The user and password match those of your reseller account. It is therefore the same access to the API and web interface.

The API is as a WSDL file available online. We advise you to always connect with the online file and do not have a local copy on your server.

The address of the file depends on the version, please check release notes to determine current production WSDL.

Fleche.gif Using the API from your information system

You can use all the languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat support the SOAP protocol, Here are the instructions for the most popular languages:


It is very easy to use API with PHP, however, several language options are available:

You can also generate a PHP class from the WSDL file with the program wsdl2php More information


There are several tools to use a web service in Java, however we recommend the use of "AXIS" and generate the class from WSDL.

  • Install TOMCAT
  • Install AXIS
  • Generate the class from WSDL , with the instruction: "java org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java XXX.wsdl"

More information about AXIS

API and C#

We recommend to generate the class from WSDL.

  • Install "Microsoft Windows SDK" for your. NET framework
  • Generate the class from WSDL, with the instruction : "wsdl /language:cs /protocol:SOAP XXX.wsdl"

he executable is located in the installation directory of the SDK, under bin directory

  • When the class is generated, you get a file .CS that you can include in your project. Also add the reference "System.Web.Services"

Fleche.gif Using the API from your FranceDNS Account

Each API function has a form in your account to call it with your data simulating an automated call.

To use these forms, you must log on Your account go to "Resellers" then any API section (domain / hosting / gomobi). You will find a list of functions classified by tabs. To complete the form, a link is made to this wiki...

Once a form is submitted and accepted, you receive a tracking-ID

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