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Add a mailbox

The Reseller can use the function hostingMailCreate

On its creation, you must provide:

The password to read the mailbox via the webmail or different protocols
The name (realname) which appears as sender in the field from
The mailbox maximum quote to store messages on our servers
The field Copy to (CC) to get a copy on another address


The maximum number of mailsboxes is set by your offer and it will not be possible to allocate more quota than available with your offer

Update a mailbox

The Reseller can use the function hostingMailSetPreference

All parameters required when creating a box can be changed with this function

Add an alias

Once an email is received on the alias address, it is ultimately stored in the associated mailbox. In other words, an alias is the secondary name of a mailbox. (e.g is an alias of which will store received messages)

The Reseller can use the function hostingMailAliasCreate

Add a domain alias

The domain alias allows the use of additional domain names with spamora hosting. All email addresses then exist with the main domain and all its alias domains.

The Reseller can use the function hostingMailDomainAliasCreate

Add a catch-all

The catch-all used to collect all the emails received on mailboxes that do not exist. Once such email is received, it is ultimately stored by the catch-all address

The Reseller can use the function HostingMailCatchallCreate

Caution One catch-all can be defined by hosting service

Add a redirect

When an email is received, it is transferred to the destination email address (internal or external hosting such a gmail or your ISP)

The Reseller can use the function hostingMailFwdCreate
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