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Fleche.gif FranceDNS accredited registrar

FranceDNS is an accredited registrar .

Buy your domain names at a registrar accredited means that you remove the middleman. Your invoice will be even lighter and account management is greatly simplified.

Fleche.gif Register your first domain name.

This tutorial will guide you through your domain name creation process.


To create your domain name, you must visit our website front page : Choose the domain name you want, then check its availability by clicking on the button.

Choose your domain name

You have a caption at your disposal to get a high visibility. You can also use the "Add another domain name", or check the avaibility of other domain names.

Click on the button >> Order >>



Choose your hosting offer. If you already have one or if you do not need it, select the option <<none>>.


Choice of registration period

Make sure your order is correct and matches your search. You can change the registration period of your domain name in the "Duration". Please note that depending on the extension, the period can not be greater than 1 year.

Save your profile

You can either :

  • if you are already a customer of FranceDNS, you can use directly your existing account, which will simplify your domain management.
  • Create a new customer account: You have to fill the form accurately as it will be used as a model for the domain ownership, the administrative contact, technical and billing contacts.

This step is the most important one for the rest of the operations.


You must:

  • Either use the same identification for every domain name contact.
  • Or create new contacts if every contact correspond to different people.

DNS Servers
  • By default, use FranceDNS's servers if you want to host your domains at FranceDNS's or use forwarding services.
  • Fill in your own DNS servers to use an external hoster.



You must :

  • If the link <<complete informations>> appears, you have to fill the adding informations by clicking on the link.
  • If the link <<modify administrative contact>> appears, it means that the administrative contact does not match the registration rules. You have to change it or choose FranceDNS to become the administrative contact by clicking on the link.
  • If the link <<modify the owner>> appears, it means the owner does not fill the registration rules, you have to change it by clicking on the link
  • If every icons are green in the « status » column, you can end up your order and go to the next step

To get more informations about payment methods, please refer to Payment methods

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