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This tutorial will help you to use the free email forwarding service which allow you to create custom mailboxes @yourdomainname and their forwarding to existing mailbox.

Log on Your Account section "Domain Names" >> "Domain Management", from here, open the scrolling menu "Services management", select "Email forwarding"



Fleche.gif Create a customized email address

1. Enter the name of the new address

2. Enter a destination list (separated by commas)

3. Click on <Add>

4. The new address appears in the table with the status "install in progress"

5. Wait for 5 minutes to use the address.


Fleche.gif Delete address email

1. Select email address to delete by checking the appropriate box.

2. Click on <Delete>

3. Confirm your choice

4. The address disappears from the table and will be permanently disabled for 5 minutes.


Fleche.gif Modify email address

Warning.gif It is not possible to change an email address. You must delete it and create another one.

Fleche.gif Defining a catchall

An email collector or "catchall" is an email address aimed to receive every messages sent to a specific domain, but whose email addresses don't work.

1. Enter a destination list (separated by commas)

2. Click on <OK>

3. Wait for 5 minutes to get the consideration.

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