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WHMCS uses the whois in order to perform domain name availability checks. See http://docs.whmcs.com/Domains_Configuration#Adding_Additional_WHOIS_Services


The search is fast


The search is not reliable due to the fact that:

- A deleted domain name in redemption or quarantine status are sometimes no longer displayed into the whois whereas it is still unavailable

- Registry reserved/blocked domain names are sometimes not displayed into the whois

- Some countries doesn't provide a whois or respond very slowly

- Some countries have implemented rate limiting per minute, per hour or per day.

- The domain name syntax is often not managed by the whois server.

In addition, the whois doesn't make any difference between a regular domain name and a premium one

FranceDNS's DAS

FranceDNS provides a Domain Availability Service over HTTP especially for WHMCS.

You will need a special password to be asked to our support team (this is not your reseller password for security reasons)


Edit the file /includes/whoisservers.php
Replace the line corresponding to .extension by
 .EXT|https://www.francedns.com/bin/das-whmcs.php?login=XXXX&password=YYYY&domain=|HTTPREQUEST-: AVAILABLE
Replace "EXT" by the one you want to resell
Replace "XXXX" by your reseller ID
Replace "YYYY" by your DAS password

Do the same for all third level domain names under the extension, if any.


Learn more how whois servers are redefined in WHMCS http://docs.whmcs.com/WHOIS_Servers
Edit or create the file /ressources/domains/whois.json
Add a new definition as follow:
  "extensions": ".EXT",
  "uri": "https://www.francedns.com/bin/das-whmcs.php?login=XXXX&password=YYYY&domain=",
  "available": ": AVAILABLE"
Replace "EXT" by the one you want to resell
Replace "XXXX" by your reseller ID
Replace "YYYY" by your DAS password
You can redefine several extensions at the same time as follow
"extensions": ".EXT,.EXT2,.EXT3,.EXT4,.EXT5" 
We provide an example for extensions having no whois servers to be used in WHMCS
Copy the file /modules/registrar/francedns/whois.json to /ressources/domains/
It can be used as extension in order to override other extensions

Make a test:


Premium domain names

As WHMCS doesn't manage premium domain names, our DAS will return a not available result preventing you to sell them without the capacity to honor the order

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