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Order via our website

A Reseller can order a hosting service directly through our website by logging in with his account or identifying himself during the order phase. Once the hosting service is created, the DNS configuration must be done

Order via the Interface

A hosting service can be added to an existing domain name from the Interface, section 'Domain names' >> 'Domain management', then for this domain name in the scrolling menu 'Services administration' >> 'Add a hosting service'

Once the hosting service is created, the DNS configuration must be done

Order via API

With API, the creation can be requested with the function hostingCreate.

The function requires the following parameters:

Format Variable Description Notes
string (32) idSession identifier of the session
string (255) fqdn Hostname linked to the hosting service Full qualified domain name
string (8) offer Code of the hosting service package
int duration Duration in months
string (2) lang Interface Language Languages List

Additional informations

Duration can be set with following values:  1 - 3 - 6 - 12 - 24 - 36 - 48 - 60
The code must belongs to an existing offer, see Offers List

Basic steps to create a web hosting via API

1) Request the creation with the function hostingCreate

The API will perform a first check to see if all provided datas are OK

You receive a tracking number for the request and you can now follow its status

2) Indicate to current registrar the name servers corresponding to this hosting

If FranceDNS is the registrar of your domain name, you can automate the modification with the function domainChangeDNS

3) Query the hosting once it is created in order to get access informations

See Hosting Management
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